Real Name:  Denis Kochurov

Group/Association:  Delta

Birthday:  November, 12, 1979

Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio

Hometown:  Azov, Russian Federation

Current location:  Russian Federation

    design, demoscene, DJ (mixmade),
    music making (AY8910, NES, Chiptunes, Psytrance),
    hand-drawing art, digital art, photo, web-coding,
    cars, 8 bit consoles.

Some history:

In 1995 I started my vigorous ZX-Spectrum activity. I organised Delta Hackers Group (later known as Delta).
I was engaged in Z80-coding, graphics drawing and, later on, music making. I made releases of disk versions of games, cheats, intros and freecopy.
In 1998 I began composing music for ZX-Spectrum platform (AY8910-12 Chip) and all in all wrote more than 120 modules.
In the year of 2000 I created the first module on PC and further on I improved my music making and synthesis skills so I proceeded on to the higher level.
I participated in festivals of computer art where I showed my entries in various compos ( gfx, music, coding ) and different platforms ( PC, ZX, NES ) and took prize-winning places.
Since 2006, I have acted as a beta-tester to create BeroTracker music editor and other products made by Bero/farb-rausch. Since 2006 I have used the BT editor to make all my tracker modules.
In 2007, in cooperation with Bero, I organized The ExChipo chiptune competition which was a great success. There will be another competition soon.
In 2007 my first album "Another Way" was released. You may check it out on my web-site.
Currently I'm working on several projects which will be known to you in the future.